Pato discuses Milan’s summer buisness, sacking Great defender and Berlusconi’s passing.

Knowing the Milan derby well, Alexandre Pato will be rooting for AC Milan this evening while he watches from a distance.

Former Milan captain Maldini returns to club as director

Pato joined Mlan in August 2007, and his breakout season—which included 18 goals in 42 games across all competitions—came in 2008–09. He rose to prominence as one of football’s top prospects in Europe during that season.

next that season, he won the Golden Boy and Serie A Young Footballer of the Year awards. The next year, he scored 14 goals in 25 games to help Milan win the Scudetto.

Nevertheless, he suffered numerous injuries, was never able to reach his full potential at Milan, and eventually left. He then spent time at other clubs, and right now he is back in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to his social media accounts and comments he made in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport before this evening’s game, Pato is open about having a red and black heart.

What position do you anticipate playing in Pioli’s 4-3-3?

Well, I could play as a left flank in addition to center striker. I had always preferred that position, but I accidentally moved to the right when a certain Ronaldinho arrived.

Do you like Milan’s new strategic moves this year?

“A lot, and changes were required. Kakà frequently remarked, “You have to change the structure after a couple of years at most, because the others eventually get to know you.” Changes to the setup are necessary, and Pioli is constantly one step ahead. He causes this to occur.

You always keep up with ‘your’ Milan quite well.

“I watch it whenever I can, and it will always have a special place in my heart. And I keep up with all the news.

Starting with Pulisic would be wise.

“I really like him; he brings a wealth of English expertise to Italy, even though he will need to adjust to the fact that you place a lot more emphasis on the tactical aspect. He’ll succeed, for sure.

Chukwueze is the other brand-new name to the right.

“The ideal characteristics for playing on the wing are strength, resistance, and extreme speed. I have to admit that the club had a sizable, astute, and well-planned mercato. They also included one of my friends.

What is it?

Loftus-Cheek, in 2016 we were teammates at Chelsea. He is very powerful. I’m happy with how well he’s blending in.

Can Giroud replace Ibra in terms of charm, accomplishments, and status in the locker room?

Milan being the best in Europe was Berlusconi’s most glittering achievement…

“His death shocked and saddened me greatly. In those days I kept informed with Galliani, who went to visit him in hospital and updated me. He is the one who brought me to Milan, he gave me and helped me a lot, even in personal terms.

“I could define him as a friend-president. They are those people who are born once in a while. I remember when he called me and told me to play closer to the goal, I remember his jokes. An amazing person, he will always be in my heart.”

Let’s go back to the match between Milan and Inter, with a very simple question: who gets to the second star first?

“I strongly believe in what was my team, and which I still feel is mine: there is a great team, a great coach. Winning this derby would be the best hope for winning the title and a second star.”

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