Snoop Dogg uses Steph-Brunson comparison for NBA Finals prediction

Steph Curry addressed reporters following the Golden State Warriors’ 118-94 defeat to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Play-In Tournament at Golden 1 Center, scoring 22 points. Could the playoff prowess of Steph Curry be a harbinger for Jalen Brunson and the New York Knicks? Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg seems to think so.Stephen Curry's scary picture of sprained ankle prompted Warriors fears of  the worst | Marca

In an interview on “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Snoop Dogg expressed his belief that the Knicks could emerge as the Eastern Conference representatives in the NBA Finals.

When Smith expressed astonishment at Snoop Dogg’s assertion, the famous rapper cited Curry as a precedent for Brunson and the Knicks potentially embarking on a Cinderella journey, despite facing injuries to key players.

“I saw Steph Curry pull off the same feat,” Snoop Dogg told Smith. “A similar undersized point guard, maneuvering through defenses, showing finesse and skill. I think Brunson could follow suit. People doubted Curry too. Look what happened!”

Snoop Dogg elaborated to Smith on how Curry faced skepticism similar to Brunson’s and how he won’t underestimate an undersized guard putting up impressive playoff numbers again.Snoop Dogg | NBC Insider | NBC Insider Official Site

“I’m just sharing my observations,” Snoop Dogg clarified. “I was skeptical when Steph did it. But he proved us wrong. We witnessed it, just like you’re witnessing it with your team now.” Brunson has been indispensable for the Knicks, averaging 34.6 points per game over nine playoff appearances in 2024. This includes a remarkable streak of four consecutive postseason games with 40 or more points, making him only the fourth player in NBA history to achieve such a feat.

With New York embroiled in a fierce battle against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Brunson faces significant challenges if he aims to emulate Curry’s four-time championship success.

Nevertheless, Snoop Dogg remains a staunch believer, confident that Brunson and the Knicks can defy expectations and end their decades-long championship drought, much like Curry and the Warriors did in 2015.

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