RPA Announcement: Statements Involving Wasps, Worcester, and London Irish

Former players from Worcester Warriors, Wasps, and London Irish are slated to receive compensation for their redundancy during the previous season when these clubs faced administration, according to the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA).

Following a series of employment tribunal hearings initiated by the RPA over the past four months, it was determined that the clubs failed to consult their employees before making them redundant. The 167 players, represented by the RPA, will consequently receive the maximum protective award, paid by the National Insurance Fund.

Worcester was the initial club to enter administration in September 2022, leading to their suspension by the RFU. Subsequently, Wasps followed suit a month later, and London Irish faced a similar fate in June of the same year. Wasps have since revealed plans to relocate to Kent in the future.

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Rich Bryan, the RPA’s Player Welfare Director, expressed gratitude after the verdict, stating that the RPA provided comprehensive support to its members during the challenges posed by the demise of these three Premiership clubs. The compensation, although capped, is seen as a step to assist players in rebuilding and moving forward with financial reassurance.

Former Wasps player Elliott Stooke, now with Bath, acknowledged the RPA’s relentless efforts, highlighting the financial assistance as a foundation for many players and staff in their journey to rebuild. Similarly, former London Irish captain Matt Rogerson, now with Leicester Tigers, appreciated the Employment Tribunal’s ruling and thanked the RPA for pursuing the protective award on behalf of the players, emphasizing the crucial role of the organization in representing its members during challenging circumstances.

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