Huddersfield Town vow to give Darren Moore transfer backing with available budget.

When the January transfer window opens and again in the summer, money will be made available for the new manager to use as he sees fit.

Terriers chief executive Jake Edwards says that the club will back Darren Moore in the transfer market once the time comes – though of course the manager will need to work with the squad he currently has at his disposal for the time being.

Moore has joined Huddersfield Town as Neil Warnock’s replacement. Moore, together with Edwards and the club’s sporting director Mark Cartwright, was officially introduced as the new manager at a news conference on Friday lunchtime.

When asked if Moore would have access to a transfer budget once the January transfer window opened, Edwards responded, “Yes. Budgets were set in place during the summer, we’ve made investments in players like Ben [Wiles], and more will be made in the future. Whether it’s January or undoubtedly next summer, we want to keep expanding the team.

“But for the time being, we supported the previous manager; we support Darren; and we support the strategy for moving forward to where we want to be. Without a doubt – and Darren has our support – will be evaluating in the near future what he’s working with and what those requirements and wants might be.

“I think the big thing there is that it has to be the right person, so we’re not just going to go out and buy any old player,” added Cartwright in response. It has to be someone who completely embodies the idea that Darren will pursue and who completely advances us to the level we’re aiming for.

The process of finding the perfect player takes time, but keeping the wrong one out is actually a bigger portion of recruitment. We will be collaborating closely to ensure that we find the proper players.

When asked if this was a possibility at Town, Moore responded, “Not at the moment, because I’ve got a wonderful group of players that I’m really looking forward to meeting and seeing and most importantly, working alongside really. Tomorrow (Moore’s first training session) can’t come quick enough for me.” Moore was not opposed to bringing free agents in on trial while he was at Sheffield Wednesday, some of whom ended up signing contracts.


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