Everton transfer risk emerges on Beto payments already – Finance Expert

Dr. Daniel Plumley, a specialist in football finance, is a welcome addition to our exclusive writer lineup. He will provide his thoughts on the most important topics at Everton each week.

Dan Plumley has warned that Everton shouldn’t delay transfer payments excessively following their high-profile deal to sign Beto.

next his announcement, The Guardian noted that the first installment on his £26 million transfer to Goodison Park would not be due until the next fiscal year.

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The financial expert acknowledged it was a risk and a potential issue in the future, but said it should be alright if there was only one participant and not many agreements being held back for the future.

He exclusively told Goodison News, “That’s the risk with this.

The same is true with Chelsea’s lengthy contracts; by doing so, you run the risk of procrastinating future issues.

“This is obviously only one player and one transfer fee, and for the money we’re talking about, it’s probably okay in the grand scheme of things, but you don’t want to be doing that too many times.

“Especially, when you’re in a relegation fight and that is the critical thing, that obviously swings the financial picture quite significantly.

“There is a risk in that, but it’s not unusual for clubs to be doing that. It’s just how much risk you want to take on, but I think one player is fine, but you don’t want eight, nine, or ten players you’re doing that with.”


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