Alan Shearer Absolutely Loves ‘Brilliant’ Behind The Scenes Story Of 23 Years Old Youngster

Alan Shearer Absolutely loves ‘brilliant’ behind the scenes story Of 23 Years Old Youngster

As we reach the final stages of the summer transfer window, Sandro Tonali to Wetherspoons has gripped the nation.

The Italian midfielder was spotted in the pub after his debut, where he produced a man of the match display to help Newcastle beat Aston Villa 5-1.


It was clear that he had been setup by one of his Toon teammates, because why else would he go there?!


Bruno Guimaraes was asked who sent Tonali there, but he would not spill the beans. Neither would Eddie Howe, but he was adamant that Matt Ritchie should not be getting the blame for it.


Regardless of who it was, it is brilliant banter, and hopefully Tonali appreciated that which ever Newcastle player sent him there was only trying to wind him up.

Newcastle new boy Sandro Tonali gets brutally bodied and told 'welcome to the Prem' - Daily Star

Alan Shearer thought Sandro Tonali going to Wetherspoons was hilarious

On the latest episode of The Rest Is Football podcast, Shearer discussed Tonali’s trip to Wetherspoons alongside Gary Lineker and Micah Richards.

“That was brilliant, wasn’t it?” he said.


“I think from what I can gather he’s gone into the dressing room with his broken English and said to the guys ‘I’m looking for a nice restaurant in Newcastle’.


“And as the dressing room would do they’ve said ‘yeah we’ve got a great one for you’. They told him to go into Wetherspoons. There was even a booking piece of paper on the table in Wetherspoons – booked for Tonali for 1.30 for four people.”
Good banter from Newcastle
First of all, Shearer needs to get his facts right. The booking was actually for 7.45pm, and there was no mention of how many people were in his party!

Either way, he got stitched up good and proper, and it is hard to imagine Tonali ever stepping foot inside a Wetherspoons ever again.


It is a hilarious story from behind the scenes at Newcastle, and hopefully one day we find out who the mastermind behind it all was. Perhaps when Tonali is confident enough to do an interview in English he will reveal all.

But it is good to see the players immediately comfortable enough to prank Tonali, and he obviously took the joke in good spirits. And he got a cheap night out!

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