Vincent Kompany considers Burnley’s choice to return so soon for the match as their “best decision.”

Beginning in June, just four weeks after their Championship title campaign had ended, the Clarets resumed training.

As a result of their early return, the club’s preseason started before its opponents on the opening day, Manchester City, had finished playing Inter in the Champions League final in Istanbul.

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Following the first of two training camps in Portugal, Burnley decided to divide their preseason into two, giving the players 10 days off in the midst.

When asked about the wisdom of coming back so soon, Kompany said, “The pre-season for us was an extended one, but it was the finest decision we did. It was so priceless.

“Even at our level, success lulls you to sleep a little bit. You had a lot of victories, everything is great, you are the top squad, and you advance.


“Even the games we played against Premier League sides last year gave us a feeling we’re on the right track, but the biggest thing is to recognise what is required to be able to compete.

On August 11, 2023, in Burnley, England, during a Premier League game between Burnley FC and Manchester City at Turf Moor, Burnley’s head coach, Vincent Kompany, offers instructions to the players. (Image: Nathan Stirk via Getty Images)



“This pre-season allowed us the opportunity to spend time together, evaluate our performance, and determine our futugoals.

“This time has been incredibly beneficial. Cohesion is something I value greatly, but it can’t be forced. Though it’s the nature of the game, I wish I could reduce it from six months to two or three.

Given Turf Moor’s bustling transfer season, Kompany understands it will take some time for all of his new players to click.

“I think the team is filled with little easter eggs that, in my opinion, over the course of the season will open up and deliver,” he continued.

“If this season goes according to plan, my

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