‘I Didn’t Realise’: Tyler Adams Says One Thing Has Really Surprised Him About Leeds United

‘I Didn’t Realise’: Tyler Adams Says One Thing Has Really Surprised Him About Leeds United


‘I didn’t realise’: Tyler Adams says one thing has really surprised him about Leeds United

Joining a new club is always a bit of a culture shock.

The weather, the schedule, the style of play and your new teammates are all things that you need to adjust to after making a big-money move.

However, when you join Leeds United, there’s one more thing you need to prepare for – the fans.

Indeed, Leeds fans are unlike any other fanbase in England, they’re passionate, raucous and more die-hard than you could ever imagine.

Tyler Adams lined up for immediate Premier League transfer return after Leeds relegation | The US Sun

For a team that has spent most of the last 20 years outside of the Premier League, Leeds still have a massive following across the world, and that has taken Tyler Adams by surprise.

Speaking on the Lade Out Podcast, Adams discussing how surprised he was by the size of the Leeds fanbase.

Adams shocked
The midfielder shared his verdict on the Leeds fanbase.

“It’s sick, for me it’s consistently the best atmosphere in the Prem. The fans are just unreal. I didn’t really know what to expect going into Leeds, but it surpassed all my expectations for sure. You get off the plane for pre-season and you see how many fans are there in Australia supporting Leeds. You have Leeds fan clubs everywhere in the world and I didn’t realise the reach the team had or the support the team had,” Adams said.

In all honesty, it’s not that shocking to see that Adams was a bit taken aback by the support Leeds United have.

Leeds are genuinely one of the best supported clubs in England, but their performances on the pitch over the past 20 years do not warrant this type of support.

In an age where people are more and more drawn to the Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenals of this world, Leeds have somehow retained a massive following across the globe while being in the Championship for most of the time.

Leeds are almost completely unique in this regard, and we’re not surprised to hear that Adams was shocked to see how many fans the club truly has.


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